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Kampala Funeral Directors- Fuenral Insurance Plans

In Package 1; Pay UGX.60,000 now for 12 Months, Get services worth 3Million

In Package 2; Pay UGX.100,000 now for 12months, get services worth UGX.5Million 


At Kampala Funeral Directors Ltd, we have a variety of Hearses available for hire in Uganda to enable the transportation of your loved one to any part of Uganda.

The following Type of Hearses are available for booking
• Body Hearses (Volvo Van) 
• 6 Seater Vans


Mortuary Services

We are equipped to handle both local and international clients who would like to experience conditions comparable to any international Funeral Home. Our services are backed by a standby compressor and generator making it impossible to have bodies deteriorating on account of compressor or power failure. We have therefore ensured that the bodies will be preserved in a sanitary state in which case you would hardly tell where the bodies are preserved, as there are no odours.

Mortuary Services List:

• Preservation of bodies
• Transfer of human remains from hospital to mortuary
• Embalming
• Handling bodies for preservation from overseas



At Kampala Funeral Ltd, we make custom coffins upon request. For the person being honored, we create not just “a” casket, “their” casket—a creation that is unique to them and reflects their being.

Coffin Sales:
We have a wide range to select from
• Caskets 
• Executive Coffins
• Standard Coffins
• Classic Coffins
• Coffin Making



A burial service is usually a short ceremony held after the main funeral service as the coffin is lowered into the ground. Mourners are often invited to attend the burial, which may include short readings and prayers, depending on religious beliefs.

Where is a burial service held?

A burial service can be held at a:
Home Compound

The burial plot will typically be prepared in advance, making sure it is the correct size to accommodate the coffin and also in the right location, ready for when the service takes place.

What happens at a burial service?
A burial service usually takes place after the main funeral service. It is common tradition to scatter soil onto the coffin after it has been lowered, while other people may choose to throw funeral flowers into the grave. When the ceremony concludes, family and friends place floral tributes near the grave.


Funeral Wreaths

Flowers serve a dual purpose in modern times, namely honoring the life of the one who has passed away, and bringing comfort to the grieving family. You have several choices when it comes to selecting the type of funeral arrangement that expresses your true sentiments.

Floral Baskets
Funeral baskets make a lovely presentation and come in several sizes. They can be delivered to a funeral home for a wake viewing, to a church for a religious service or to the family’s home.

Standing Sprays
Standing sprays are displayed on an easel and are typically displayed near the casket. They allow viewing from one side only. Funeral sprays are characteristically sent to a funeral home, but can also be delivered to a church for a service or to a graveside burial ceremony.

Wreaths, Crosses and Hearts
These larger, prominent floral arrangements are displayed near the casket on an easel and are appropriate for family and close friends. The circular shape of a funeral wreath is a poignant way to represent eternal life, while funeral crosses represent faith and the heart stands for love. They are often delivered to a funeral home and may be taken to a gravesite.

Dish Gardens or Plants
Dish gardens are comprised of an assortment of lush green plants and/or flowering colorful plants and are typically arranged in a basket or decorative container. Both dish gardens and plants are suitable to be sent directly to a wake or to the family’s home.


Grave construction

We offer grave construction in a variaty of designs. For example
Tiles, Half Bricks, Partitioning Blocks etc


International Repatriation to and from Uganda

At Kampala Funeral Directors Ltd. We have extensive experience in making arrangements for the repatriation of deceased persons to and from Uganda, we are able to offer your loved ones the personal service and attention required to alleviate any worry and concern. We have a detailed awareness of the individual rules and regulations relating to documentation and permits for each country. We are able to arrange all relevant permits and documents, supply a casket suitable for transportation by air, and arrange the transfer of the deceased to the airport.

What is Repatriation?
Repatriation is the act of restoring a person to his or her native land. In this context repatriation is taking home the body or human remains of someone who has died or been buried in a foreign land; a land that is not of his birth or that of his ancestors. There may be a personal desire to be buried in the native country that person was born in. Alternatively, the family may feel that the person’s soul may not be at peace if the body was buried anywhere but their homeland.
You should state your desires to be repatriated in your will. It may be your wish to be buried in the land of your birth, perhaps a family grave or a church cemetery where members of the family or clan have always been buried. It is always wise to discuss your wishes with family and close friends so that they are prepared to see to your final wishes.

Kampala Fueneral Directors Ltd offers a complete worldwide repatriation service. From the removal of the deceased, the embalming, the provision of a suitable casket for air transport, the legal documentation for foreign shipment and the documents, and the air transportation to the deceased’s country of origin.


Exhumation Services in Uganda

Kampala Funeral Directors Ltd offers single and mass exhumation services nationwide and can work alongside churches, local authorities or as a sub-contractor. The exhumed remains can be re-interred, preserved or repatriated to another country.
Our exhumation team is experienced in operating large projects to tight timescales, either to clear a site for a main contractor, or working as a sub-contractor when major developments are planned which involve the exhuming and re-interment of human remains.

Reasons to Exhume 
There can be many different reasons why an exhumation may be necessary. The relatives of the deceased may request that the remains be moved from the original grave, and transferred to a family plot in the same or different cemetery. It may be desirable to arrange for repatriation, so that the deceased may be buried in a family vault or grave in their country of origin. Alternatively, the family may request that the remains are cremated. Furthermore, exhumations are sometimes requested when the coroner or other legal authority requests a further examination of the remains, or when a cemetery or churchyard is decommissioned due to development or building projects.

These reasons may also include:
• Repatriation of the remains to one’s birth place in another community, province or country.
• Reinterment of the remains in a family plot in another section of the cemetery.
• Relocation of the remains to a cemetery in another community, province or country where the family has established a permanent residence.
• Relocation of the remains of a war veteran from a common grave to an interdenominational plot dedicated as an honored place for Veterans.
• Scatter previously interred cremated remains.
• Conduct additional forensic investigations.
• Determine the identity of the remains by DNA testing.

For Exhumation Services in Uganda feel free to contact Kampala Funeral Ltd.


Kampala Funeral Directors is committed to being Uganda's premier funeral management company. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct. 


To provide a dignified efficient and cost effective services that are affordable to all

Celebrate the life and the memory of your loved one with a dignified funeral.


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